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Ulm, 11.04.2017 - Uzin Utz impresses with record figures – Flooring specialist from Ulm increases turnover, result and dividend.

Financial statement press conference

Uzin Utz AG also stayed on its dynamic course of success in 2016 and impressed with historical record figures. Turnover, result and dividend of the worldwide operating full-service provider for flooring systems reached new record figures: Turnover increased from EUR 253.2m to EUR 272.9m (+7.8%). The result of ordinary activities increased disproportionate by 31.7% from EUR 18.9m to EUR 24.9m. The shareholders should be distributed with the highest dividend in the history of the company with EUR 1.30 (1.00) per share.

The result before taxes rose from EUR 18,2m to EUR 23,7m. This corresponds to an increase of 30.7%. With an equity quota of 58.4% (55.2%) the flooring specialist has a high financial strength for a further dynamic growth. “The figures verify our common efforts for profitable growth, sustainable certainty of our result and efficiency enhancement”, said chairman Thomas Müllerschön at the financial statement press conference in Ulm. Through a concentrated product campaign with the six brands it was successful to create substantial value for the customers.
“All these figures and values are only possible because of the outstanding commitment of our professional employees”, explained Thomas Müllerschön. Uzin Utz just received the title of “Best employer” in its branch for the second time some weeks ago. ”This award is a great success and we are very proud of it. It is more difficult to defend a title than to receive it for the first time”, explained Thomas Müllerschön. The group employed 1,102 (1,034) employees (including trainees), thereof more than 610 in Germany.

Thomas Müllerschön: “Through our sustainable course, which is characterized by responsibility and appreciation to our employees, customers and the environment, we will continue to ensure the longterm success of our company”.
Future-oriented developments placed the group with its investments. The total amount of the investments amounts to EUR 8.7m (14.3m) and therof continue to stay on a high level. Yesterday Monday the cut for the first sod of the new production plant of the Codex GmbH & Co. KG for tiles and natural stone was made near the headquarter of Uzin Utz AG. Thereto a property of 10.000 square meters was acquired.
At this site arise warehousing and administration resources, a research and development centre as well as client teaching facilities with a total volume of investment of around 18 million euros. "We are pleased to be able to build the new building in the immediate vicinity of our headquarters", explains Chairman of the Board of Uzin Utz AG, Thomas Müllerschön, at the ceremony in Heuweg. "Our links to Ulm as a place, and our long-term involvement in the laying materials for tiles and natural stone sector, are important factors for us". With this expansion of capacities, the company will be able to increase its competitive position and respond more quickly to the demands of the market.
Uzin Utz emphasizes the objective to strengthen their position in the focus regions Germany, France, Benelux, UK, Scandinavia, USA and Switzerland until 2019 and reach the sales target of 400 mio. euros. The market share in these regions will be between 18 and 28 percent by then.

Factual overview of the Uzin Utz Group  
Turnover                                                                      EUR 272.9m
Increase in turnover compared to previous year         7.8%
Result from ordinary activities                                      EUR 24.9m
Equity ratio                                                                   58.4%
Dividend per share                                                       EUR 1.30
Investments                                                                  EUR 8.7m
Expenditure on research and development                 EUR 6.5m
Ratio of new products                                                  50.8%

About Uzin Utz AG

The Uzin Utz group, Ulm, with more than 1,100 employees and a company turnover of 272.9 million euros (2016) is a leader in the development and manufacture of products and machines for laying flooring. Construction chemical product systems for laying flooring of all types, through to surface treatments, and machines for laying floors are almost all developed and manufactured by the companies of the concern and sold worldwide under the internationally successful brands Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ. As system partners to builders, planners, architects and property owners, Uzin Utz has been providing professional support to end-customers and processors in all sectors of the flooring industry for 100 years.